So how much does penis enlargement surgery cost?

how much does it cost to enlarge the penis

We decided to turn to the most appropriate and possible question: how much does a hospital ticket for penis enlargement surgery cost? Let the pleasure of contemplating a surgeon's new job will cost dearly. The efforts of doctors will have to be voted with serious ruble.

Surgical intervention is a capital thing. It is necessary to start a thorough search of the clinic. We welcome establishments with a good reputation, positive experience and highly qualified doctors. In general, talk of mouth and listen to our practical advice.

penis enlargement surgery cost

You will pay for complex surgical operations and additional manipulations. The result of the procedure is one - an increase in the thickness and length of the organ. Intervention is performed at the individual's own request or in case of serious anomalies in the development of the penis.

Pricing Policy:

  • operating volume(combined and not);
  • intervention techniques used- roughly speaking, the principle of operation;
  • Use of high-tech modern equipment- the level of work of the hospital as a whole, the possibility of saving lives in emergency situations depends on it;
  • use of modern materials- the best manufacturers are located in Europe and the USA. If the clinic deals with such implants, materials, anesthetics, then this is only a plus;
  • type of anesthesia(general, local);
  • experience, doctoral qualification- A good doctor is a practicing doctor who constantly improves his skills at various medical meetings and forums. Our question is dealt with by genital surgeons - urologists - andrologists with and without the prefix KMN;
  • hospital stay- The recovery period must be taken into account. You will have to pay for each day you stay in the hospital.
Penis enlargement surgery is expensive

ligamentotomy price

The essence of the procedure is to create conditions for a subsequent increase in length. Under anesthesia, the ligament holding the phallus is cut. After this, you will face the difficulties of conservative therapy, followed by 3 months or moreWill have to wear expander.

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As a result, a new ligament grows, and the trunk rises by 3-5 cm. If the ligamentotomy is successful, the result will be lifelong.

In addition to ligamentotomy, there are several operational techniques aimed at increasing the length of the limb. They are used for standard, small penises and micropenis. Our surgeons say that a plus of 2. 5 cm or more is normal. Difficulty with lengthAccording to the level of is subdivided into: I, II, III category - the higher, the higher the price.

how much does it cost to lengthen

Pay attention to the phalloprosthesis. Experts point out that the result is not always an increase in the penis. Depending on the technique, it may lose in size or remain the same.

increase in thickness

penis enlargement price

This is a set of techniques that increase the diameter of the organ. Thickening is based on the injection of special fillers.

In special cases, the rectus muscle is implanted under the skin of the penis (the doctor will move it to the abdomen).

There is an option with the implantation of your own fat cells. The result is a corresponding increase in circumference.

Here's what 21st century doctors can do:

  • getting fatterwith muscle flap- Complex microsurgical implants. At the maximum, it gives 3-4 cm in plus. The result will be long. The money will cost several hundred thousand.
  • patient fat pumping- Scientifically it is called lipofilling. The maximum volume will increase by 2 cm. Over time, improvement is required to maintain the result.
  • installation of autograft- The doctor peels the skin, inserts a graft from the saphenous vein of the thigh into the incisions of the albuginea. The operation is performed I and II categories of complexity. The price is quite acceptable;
  • establishment of prisonImplants - they are placed on the dorsal surface of the phallus. After retrieval, complete reversibility is possible.
  • Establishment of a Collagen Matrix with Fibroblasts- Stimulates the formation of connective tissue. The doctor puts on the trunk two cylinders with a collagen matrix, it dissolves and is replaced by connective tissue.

Why Take a Joint Approach

combined penis enlargement surgery

Maximalists will love the ability to increase length and thickness simultaneously.The process consists of two separate sequential operations, To lengthen, the doctor chooses ligamentotomy.

The introduction of grafts serves to thicken. Over time, they will grow along with their own tissues.

Where is the plastic surgery of the penis done?

Surgical intervention varies in the level of complexity. The simplest are outpatient manipulations, the most difficult are techniques in which implants, prostheses and discharge are used in the andrology department. We contact the urological and andrological departments of private or public clinicsrecommend.

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I want to warn you: correction is made for men who have reached the age of 18, without urinary tract infections, mental disorders, with good blood clotting.

How is penis enlargement surgery done

More than 500 clinics specializing in genital surgery operate in the capital.


In the regions, contact public or private clinics for urology, andrology and family health. In smaller cities, operations are rarely performed, the institutions of regional and regional centers will give way.


We are forced to accept that the high cost makes penis enlargement surgery affordable for all. should be kept inLong-term rehabilitation is not ruled out, therapy, complete abstinence from sexual intercourse.