Vacuum Pump for Penis Enlargement: How to Use and Where to Buy

Vacuum pumps are another type of penis enlargement device. Many users find vacuum pumps to be effective in terms of penis enlargement; The use of such a device is often recommended by medical professionals.

In order for the pump to help achieve the desired result, choosing the right type of equipment is essential – you can find a wide variety of these devices in today's market; They can be selected depending on the individual parameters of the body.

In this article, we will talk in more detail about what a vacuum pump is and which device is better to buy; You will also learn about the design features and materials from which the equipment is made.

What is this?

Initially, vacuum pumps were invented to get rid of problems with erectile dysfunction of the body and to strengthen potency. However, as a result of testing the device, it was found that vacuum pumps work to enlarge the penis. For such a change in parameters, the device must be used regularly for at least a month.

vacuum pump for penis enlargement

The principle of operation of the vacuum pump lies in the created pressure difference: zero pressure is created in the vacuum part, which increases blood circulation in the area of use.

Enlargement of the penis, as well as strengthening of the erection - the initial purpose of using the remedy, is achieved due to the rapid filling of the tissues of the penis with blood, or the Kaveri body. Microtrauma is formed by the effect of negative pressure, which in turn causes swelling: it allows you to increase the penis in circumference.

With irregular use of the vacuum pump, the parameters of the penis will return to their original values immediately after the procedure. Significant changes in size occur only with a regular approach to orbits.

how vacuum pump works

As we have already noted, the principle of operation of the device is based on the properties of vacuum.

The process is as follows:

  1. The drop in pressure caused by the vacuum causes tension in the tissues of the penis;
  2. Blood flow increases rapidly towards the penis; The bodies of the caves are filled with blood;
  3. lymph begins to circulate more actively, which leads to the formation of microcracks in the vessels;
  4. It contributes to the creation of inflammation of the penis, thereby strengthening the erection and stretching of the tissues of the penis.

With regular exercise using a vacuum pump, the stretched tissue and enlarged cavernous bodies become fixed in this position, which means that the parameters of the penis will no longer return to their original values.

Types of vacuum pumps and their differences

In general, the type of pump does not fundamentally affect the effectiveness of the process - in this case, the regularity of classes is much more important. Of course, it is important for you to choose the right device in terms of size, but the mechanism of the device is somewhatCould be too.

In addition, to achieve the effect, the correct technique of using the device is important - errors in operation can lead to circulatory system disorders and related problems.

hand made

hand pump for penis enlargement

A simple design option is a vacuum pump with a pear for pumping air. The intensity of the process depends on the strength of the equipment used - it is possible to perform both soft pumping, and medium and more intensive pumping.

The influence is controlled based on the status of the member.

Disadvantages of using this type of equipment include the lack of an automatic pressure control system, which makes such equipment potentially more painful and less convenient to use.

If you overdo it with exposure, there is a risk of hematoma and bruising.

The pump can be combined with wearing a male penis expander - so the desired effect will be achieved faster.


electric pump for penis enlargement

This version of the device is equipped with an automatic drive, which, unlike the previous version, is safer to use - due to the drive, the intensity of air pumping is controlled automatically.

The design, including a cylinder and a pump, is similar to a hand pump. However, you do not need to move your hands with your hands. It is recommended to purchase a device with a display that shows the degree of load intensity. This optionConsidered completely safe to use.

The advantages of electric pumps include: ease of use, no risk of injury, and mild impact.

According to user reviews, this option is effective for strengthening erections; As for the increase in parameters - in a month you can add up to 4 centimeters to the length of the penis.


water pump for penis enlargement

Water-type devices, or hydropumps, are designed to be used while taking a hot shower or bath. The principle of use is to fill the flask with water; The device should then be lowered carefully, without spilling water, and applied to the genitals. After that, the pump is pressed against the base of the pubis.

Next, you need to press on the pump, squeezing the corrugated part - thereby letting you get rid of the excess water. Upon release, there will be tension, which will help to stretch the penis and fill its tissues with blood. To equalize the pressureAfter, pressing should be repeated several times.

Advanced modifications of hydraulic pumps have special sensors that allow you to control the pulling force.

The advantages of using a water pump include rapid erection of the penis. The growth results will be noticeable after a few workouts with such a device.

with vibrating massager

Pump With Vibration Massager For Penis Enlargement

A vacuum device with a vibrating massager has a special built-in vibrating element that provides additional stimulation to the head of the penis or scrotum. To affect the scrotum, it is necessary to choose a vacuum pump with a vibrating element in the lower back, and on the head - in the upper part.

Pumps with a vibrator consist of a vibrating mechanism, a vacuum pump and a seal. Such devices have the function of changing the intensity of vibration due to a built-in frequency controller.

This version of the vacuum pump allows you to provide a firmer erection and, at the same time, stimulate the genitals. In most cases, they are used for masturbation. To diversify the sensations, you can use cuffs made of different materialsYou can buy a vacuum pump with - latex, silicone, cyberskin, as well as with imitation of the genitals or oral cavity.

The safety of using such equipment is ensured by special sensors that allow you to control the process of use.

indications for use

As we have already said, the purpose of this tool is, first of all, to get rid of problems with potency and increase libido. The use of a vacuum pump allows you to restore a strong erection and stimulate arousal by increasing its level. With regard to penis enlargement, an increase in both penis length and diameter is a secondary effect of the use of the pump.

Man measures penis after fanfare

However, medical professionals may recommend the use of vacuum pumps in each of these cases. The main indications for the use of vacuum pumps are the following conditions:

  • Loss of erection due to stress or illness;
  • Premature ejaculation - regular pump training can prevent this feature;
  • deformity of the penis and changes in its size and shape due to injuries;
  • Loss of libido and lack of vivid sensations during intimate contact.

In addition to such medical indications for use, the patient's desire is also taken into account - for example, the purchase of pumps with a vibrating massage for additional stimulation and pleasant sensations.

contraindications to use

The use of vacuum pumps for penis enlargement is contraindicated in the presence of the following diseases and conditions of the body:

  • problems with the body's cardiovascular system - eg, weakening of the walls of blood vessels. In this case, the use of a vacuum can lead to the formation of blood clots;
  • diabetes - in this case, any tissue damage will be difficult to heal and take a long time;
  • sexually transmitted diseases;
  • Infectious and inflammatory processes of the genitourinary system.

It is worth noting that some people experience psychological discomfort before using such devices for penis enlargement. In this case, erection problems and complexes can only intensify. In such situations, we will guide you through the psychological profile. Recommend to take expert advice.

How to choose the right pump size

To choose the right vacuum pump size for you, you need to focus on your parameters of the penis. Pump cylinders and attachments must be suitable for the parameters of the penis - this will ensure safe use and achieve the desired results.

If after purchase you find that you made a mistake with the size, you can try to replace the seal with a larger one, however, this may reduce the efficiency of using the device.

Let's consider in more detail the general rules for choosing a vacuum pump:

  1. To begin with, it is necessary to measure the sexual organ in the erection state and add 30% to these parameters to determine the required size of the vacuum cylinder.
  2. When choosing a cuff, one should be guided by the smallest of possible options, since this part is characterized by an increase in the volume of the penis.
  3. We recommend purchasing a device with a built-in pressure relief function - this will ensure that the air is completely drained from the flask.
  4. Another important detail is a special sensor that allows you to control the pressure drop, which is important to prevent the risk of injury and damage to the skin.

We advise you to use vacuum pumps carefully - not only to avoid harming yourself, but also to keep the device safe and sound. Such pumps are a delicate structure that must be protected from shock and excessive heat. It is not recommended to store and use the flask at a temperature above +35 ° C, since in this case the shape of the cylinder may be deformed.

From other recommendations - it is desirable to store the device in a place protected from sunlight. It is necessary to clean the vacuum pump, protecting the device from boiling. To treat the vacuum pump with an antiseptic or disinfectant and then with ordinary soap and waterWashing would be great.

Disadvantages and Benefits of Using a Vacuum Pump

The use of a vacuum pump can be useful not only in terms of increasing the parameters of the penis, but also as a general correction of the organs of the body and the genitourinary system. Classes with such equipment improve the process of blood supply to the pelvic organs. and increase metabolism. The tissues of the genital organs are saturated with oxygen, vitamins and minerals. This allows you to restore male potency, strengthen the erection.

A man looks in his pants and fantasize wants to enlarge his dick

In addition, the use of a vacuum pump has a positive effect on the level of libido, dramatically increasing it. After using the device, you will be completely ready for sexual contact.

For penis enlargement, in a month of regular training, you can add up to 4 centimeters in length and about one and a half centimeters in volume. Do not forget that in this case, regular training for a fairly long period is important.

Of course, the use of such mechanisms is not completely safe and can harm the body - however, this happens if vacuum pumps are used improperly. Side effects and negative consequences from the use of the deviceCan be as follows:

  • Damage to capillaries due to exposure to vacuum, which manifests itself as bruising, bruising, and can lead to even more serious problems with blood clotting disorders;
  • Due to too much exposure, the skin may turn blue, some parts of the penis may become numb, while others may become more dry;
  • In addition, if the exposure is too intense, there may be a significant decrease in sensitivity and a drop in the brightness of sensations during intimacy.
A man is dissatisfied with the size of the penis, how to increase it with a pomp

To avoid such problems, you must adhere to the following rules:

  1. The duration of the first procedure using a vacuum pump should not exceed 5 minutes;
  2. it is necessary to put the tantra on the preheated genital organ - this can be done with a warm shower or bath, as well as with a towel soaked in warm water;
  3. Before use, it is recommended to lubricate the base of the penis, as well as the base of the nozzle, with a special lubricant;
  4. during training, it is necessary to carefully monitor the appearance of the penis: a slight redness of the skin will mean that the necessary negative pressure has been achieved;
  5. After that, after 30 seconds, it is necessary to depressurize the flask and let it air.

During the following workout, you should gradually increase the time you use the pump, reaching 20 minutes. During this period the sex organ can come to an erect position about 20 times; The air should be emptied each time the tension is released.

In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to the quality of the equipment purchased - the material from which the vacuum pump is made must be hypoallergenic, non-toxic, safe for the body and light. For additional control, it is strongly recommended to choose a device equipped with various sensors. is recommended.

Price of the device and where to buy it

You can buy a vacuum pump in various places: both in specialized online stores and offline sex shops, as well as on the official websites of device manufacturers.

pomp penis enlargement

One of the most convenient purchase options is to order a vacuum pump online through an online store. In this case, the customer can remain completely anonymous, which is often important for many buyers.

Of course, when ordering a vacuum pump online, there is always the risk of missing a size; However, on many sites you can find special instructions for choosing the right size for you; The goods offered in online stores can be sorted by various parameters: rating, cost, novelty on the market, and others.

The final cost of the product varies depending on the complexity of its design, the brand it is made of, the quality of the material the pump is made from and the number of nozzles in the kit. The most economical options are manual penis enlargement pumps. Among the more expensive ones, hydropumps, Includes a device with a vibrating mechanism and other nozzles.


The use of a vacuum pump is effective not only for restoring male potency, but also for penis enlargement. This allows you to achieve noticeable results without resorting to surgery and taking various pills. Such at homeThe tool is easy to use - including preparing for intimacy.