Overview of Vacuum Extender for Penis Enlargement

vacuum extender for penis enlargement

The purpose of extenders is the most comfortable stretching of the penis. The mechanism only works when the head is securely fixed. The duration of device wear depends on how secure and convenient the mount is, and, accordingly, the speed of progression. Vacuum Extenderis considered the best option, as well as their improved version - vacuum-adhesive. These devices appeared on the market about 10 years ago and have since largely replaced mechanical devices.

Design features and principle of operation

In a vacuum extender, the head of the penis is not fixed with a loop or strap, but is sucked by vacuum into a special bowl (chamber, vacuum nozzle). The device works on the principle of a vacuum pump, but in this caseIn the U. S. , the impact is only on the head and the area around it. The air from the chamber, as in a pump, is pumped by a pump or pear.

The main advantages of models with vacuum fixation:

  • do not slip;
  • Effectively correct the curvature of the male organ;
  • Do not pinch the head and foreskin;
  • Suitable for micropenis;
  • Comfortable to wear.

The main disadvantage of vacuum mounted extenders is the appearance of bubbles on the head. When mechanical, this does not happen. The damage is caused by contamination of the tissues under the influence of vacuum. It is impossible to continue classes until the blisters heal, and since they occur regularlyare visible, therefore the effectiveness of wearing the device is significantly reduced.

Many manufacturers complete their products with a protective cap to protect the head. Some models come with patch rollers that must be sealed before the cap is placed in. The gluing and subsequent removal process can cause discomfort and pain. is made.

Some men complain about the inconvenience of applying such extenders: the rest on the head protection is not fixed, it is necessary to bring the penis to at least a partial erection. When wearing the extender, the head is lowered, as a result, its moreA gap is formed between the walls of the cap - the skin is again exposed to the painful effects of the vacuum.

Scheme of installing a vacuum extender:

  1. Seal the head, put a protective cap on it.
  2. Partially roll out the silicone sleeve attached to the top of the camera on its body.
  3. Place the penis in the chamber, roll the silicone sleeve along the shaft to the end.
  4. Blow out excess air with a blower or pump.
  5. Fix the penis on the extender rod, adjust the length.

The part of the penis is tightly compressed with silicone, causing discomfort and impeding blood flow. The closed area of the trunk is almost not extended. If the penis is about 12 cm, most of it will be under the silicone crimp.

In advanced models with a vacuum-adhesive type attachment, only the head is sucked into the chamber, and the sleeve is replaced by a soft membrane. The penis and membrane are pre-lubricated with a special lubricant, then the headis brought into the opening of the chamber and sucked into it with several movements of the rubber bulb. Then it is cut off, the device is securely fixed on the head. To remove it, simply on the top of the chamberTurn on the located valve. The lubricant adheres to the membrane head, preventing gaps from forming, which eliminates the appearance of bubbles.

how to use

Before the first fitting of the vacuum extender, the starting length is determined - the size of the erect penis. In the future, the compression force is controlled by springs on the rods (on spring-loaded models): if the scale is fully visible(notches are not closed), then there is no tension. If there is no perceptible tension with fully unscrewed rods, the additional length is extended using the rods included in the kit. The traction force can be determined using a household spring scale.

It is impossible to immediately set a large degree of tension: narrowing of the albuginea covering the cavernous body, impaired erection, edema of the head, lack of growth and even a reduction in penis length are possible. Within, a light adaptive load is given. The extender is worn for no more than 1-2 hours with a tension force of 200-400g, maximum 500g. When the tissues of the penis get used to stretching, you should switch to a more severe mode: 6-8 hours a day (not necessarily constantly) 1. With a load of 1 kg. Maximum length (power traction) to the extender) but it is possible to wear only from 4 weeks.

Strength Development Programme:

  • erectile unwind the expander to the length of the penis, tension 300-600 g;
  • When applied, the load can increase up to 1 kg;
  • Wear 2 hours a day without breaks or spend 2 sessions of 1. 5 hours each. One day off per week is necessary.

It is important to measure the length of the penis (dilated, not erect) after each workout. Growth indicates the effectiveness of the chosen program. If the penis shrinks, 2-3 days of rest is necessary.

For a year, with the help of a vacuum extender, it is possible to increase the length of the penis by 3-4 cm and its circumference by 1 cm. In young males, growth is faster than in mature males, due to the high elasticity of tissues. The result also largely depends on the density of the protein coat.


Before buying a vacuum extender, you should consult a doctor - he will help to identify the presence of contraindications for wearing it. The main ones include the following:

  1. Violation of blood coagulation, delicate vessels. Vacuum will provoke the appearance of hematomas.
  2. Prostate adenoma, prostatitis.
  3. Scrotal hernia.
  4. sexual infection.

It is dangerous to use a vacuum extender while under the influence of painkillers or alcohol. It is undesirable to put on the device at night - due to excessive squeezing in a dream it is easy to miss the moment of onset of oxygen starvation of tissues, and nightSpontaneous erections during periods are also dangerous.

Overview of popular models

Most urologists-andrologists recommend their patients a vacuum system with vacuum-adhesive fixation for penis enlargement. The soft membrane prevents damage to the head by preventing direct exposure to vacuum. Vacuum-adhesive models are also comfortable and efficientConsidered. The kit includes a camera, pears, rods, a set of membranes of different sizes, extension rods, gel. Detailed instructions are given on how to properly mount and wear the device. Max ExtenderThe length is 32 cm.

There is a kit to upgrade a strap and loop extender. However, it costs so much that a vacuum extender is easy to buy.

Complete set of vacuum extender for penis enlargement

The Korean extender is positioned by the manufacturer as the most comfortable to wear with an additional head enlargement function. Fastening with a vacuum-adhesive method. The kit includes 3 membranes, 8 screw-on extension pins.

Usage method:

  1. A membrane of suitable diameter is stretched on the sides of the chamber, lubricated with a lubricant (along with the head of the penis);
  2. The camera is mounted on rods;
  3. The penis shaft is placed in the expander, with the head threaded into the chamber;
  4. The pear pumps the air.

The device of the Swiss company is a vacuum extender designed for long-term wear. According to men, it is considered the most comfortable. The kit includes 3 vacuum chambers with condoms, 4 cuffs, 2 protective caps, a pumpThe model includes a belt fixation system (stretcher), which allows the extender to be used in public places.

Instructions for use:

  • A protective cap is put on the head.
  • The penis is threaded between the extender rods, the rods are wound until the optimum degree of tension is reached.
  • The head is placed in a suitably sized chamber (a template is attached to determine the size), a condom is rolled over a portion of the trunk.
  • A pump in the form of an accordion is attached to the chamber, with the help of which air is pumped out.

If necessary, the rods are removed, the camera member on the head is pulled along the belt to the belt.

Some bicycle pump cases make homemade extenders using plastic, silicone and plumbing fittings. It is very difficult to make a truly functional and safe device with your own hands. In terms of quality, such crafts are usually inferior to cheap Chinese extenders.


Man, 44 years old: "I have been wearing the device with a belt stretcher for half a year. The increase in length was 2 cm - a significant result. I supplement the traction with Jelk and hanging weights, but rarely.

Man, 25: "I've ordered a Chinese device and before it's too late I'm thinking of returning it or replacing it with a Korean one. Wearing it is uncomfortable, the penis is squeezed to the point of abdominal pain. "There can be no question of any effectiveness in such situations.


Vacuum extenders of Swiss, Korean and German production are officially recognized as an effective means of penis enlargement. Equipped with detailed video instructions, which eliminates abuse. It is important to note that the routine success of wearing an extenderAs important as its condition is its quality.