How To Increase Penis Thickness: Real Ways To Change Penis Size

penis thickness tape measure

Many men, figuring out how to make a member fat, do not believe that it is real. Indeed, now there are many ways to improve the penis. Of course, grand changes should not be expected, butA small increase is more than real.

a man measures his penis

what determines the thickness of the penis

The thickness and length of the penis directly depend on the amount of testosterone in the blood. Furthermore, the size is determined during adolescence. The more testosterone a teen has, the larger his organ.

Size is genetic. However, in addition to testosterone, factors other than testosterone affect the thickness of the penis throughout life.

how normal is penis enlargement

The average thickness of the penis is 3-4 cm. A circle of 4-5 cm is considered a good indicator. 4. 5 cm is considered the golden mean.

What is the ideal thickness according to girls

Women's tastes were determined by Russell Issman. He interviewed 100 women of different age groups and found that:

  • For 78% of women, the thickness of the penis is more important than its length;
  • 21% of girls prefer a harmonious ratio of length and thickness;
  • Only 1% of women pay attention to length.
Girl pleasantly surprised by the thickness of her man's penis

how to measure penis thickness

For measurement, you should use a tape centimeter.

Measurements should be taken in a warm room and in a comfortable environment.

It is possible to measure the penis in an erect and at rest position. For this the circumference of the organ is measured. The resulting figure is divided by the number pi.

If the size of the limb is unequal, it is better to take measurements in 3 areas - at the root, at the head and in the middle. The arithmetic mean should be used.

is it possible to make a member fat

It is possible to increase the thickness of the penis at any age beyond the age of 18. This can be done by both surgical and non-surgical methods.

surgical thickening of the penis

This is a revolutionary way to change the thickness of the penis. The operation can be done only if there are no contraindications. The doctor should make a thorough diagnosis.

When using surgical methods, there is always a risk of side effects.

penile thickening surgery

Autotransplantation of muscle flap

For the procedure, the patient's tissue is usually taken from the rectus abdominis muscle or the serratus anterior muscle. The patient may be denied autotransplantation in the presence of sexual or psychiatric diseases, inflammatory processes, purulent wounds on the penis, pathologies of the genitourinary system. In addition, the procedure can be denied if the patient has diseases of the cardiovascular system, diabetes mellitus and the immune system.

The main advantage of the procedure is that its result lasts forever. There is no need to lie again under the surgeon's knife.

The disadvantages of autotransplantation include the fact that over time a hernia can form in the place where the tissue for the penis was taken.

Autotransplantation of skin and adipose tissue

Autodermoplasty is a skin grafting operation. The donor's skin and adipose tissue are placed on the penis. Contraindications include blood clotting disorders, diseases in the acute phase of the course, age up to 18 years. Before performing the operation, a man mustSurely many tests have to be passed.

Penis Enlargement With Gel Implants

Along with thickening the penis with gel implants, you can add a few centimeters. This is a relatively new procedure and experimental work is underway.

The advantage of the procedure is that the implant can be completely removed at any time.

Penis thickening with collagen matrix

A collagen matrix is installed on the shaft of the penis in the form of two cylinders with a cutout for the urethra.

The thickening of the penis along with the collagen matrix helps initiate the formation of its own connective tissue.

The penis can be enlarged in length and thickness with the help of collagen matrix. The recovery period after the procedure is 2-3 months.

thicken with foreskin

The essence of the procedure is to stretch the foreskin for 4-6 months. The procedure is performed using a special instrument. After that, under optical magnification, the top layer is removed and straightened along the barrel. It takes 30-40 minutes to increase the thickness of the penis.

Is it possible to enlarge the penis without surgery?

There is no need to undergo surgery to thicken the penis. You can give preference to minimally invasive methods. In this case, the manipulations are performed through a microcut or puncture.

Lipofilling - the thickening of the penis with the help of a man's fat cells


The procedure involves injecting the patient's own fat under the skin. The donor material consists of fat cells along with a small amount of blood.

The material is injected evenly under the skin along the entire shaft of the penis. The surface is secured with a sterile bandage.

The procedure is performed under general anesthesia. Thanks to lipofilling, diameter 0. 5-1. Can be increased by 5 cm. If necessary, a second intervention can be performed after a few months. During the procedure, the patient will need to stay in the hospital for several days. The main advantage of lipofilling is that men do not develop allergiesAnd the material is not rejected. But not without drawbacks. Fat is completely absorbed in 1-2 years. But some of it lasts forever.

Hyaluronic Acid Injection

Hyaluronic acid injections allow you to thicken and lengthen your penis. The procedure takes about half an hour. The drug is injected with a needle and is evenly distributed. Thickness 1-1. Increases by 5 cm.

After the procedure, you will have to abstain from sex for 2 weeks. If you do it earlier, all the material will fall into lumps.

It should be borne in mind that hyaluronic acid causes a decrease in the sensitivity of the penis. The effect of the procedure lasts about a year.

Ball implants

The balls are no longer implanted to enlarge, but to stimulate the partner's clitoris area. You can retrieve them at any time. The balls are placed through a small incision under general anesthesia.

how to thicken dick at home

Finding out whether it is possible to increase the thickness of the penis, one cannot miss those methods that do not require a visit to the doctor. There are techniques that can be used at home without any special skills.

What does a hydropump give to increase penis volume?

Hydropump - A penis attachment that increases the thickness. Its action is similar to that of a vacuum pump. The volume of the penis is increased by 10-20 mm when using this device.

The main disadvantage of the device is that the potential for microtrauma to the capillaries is very high. Also the hydraulic pump causes stretching of the skin.

To enlarge the penis, the pump should be applied every other day for 10 minutes in the shower. Additionally, the device helps to normalize erections.

Hydropump to increase penis thickness at home

penis enlargement remedies

You can wear special attachments during intercourse to increase the thickness of the penis. They:

  • closed;
  • cross-cutting;
  • in the form of rings;
  • walk-through embossed;
  • as a falloprosthesis.

The convenience is that attachments have no side effects. You can toggle them on and off at any time.

How pills and creams help to make your penis thicker

You can use pills and creams to make your penis thicker. These contain vitamins and plant extracts that restore normal blood flow in the body.

An added benefit of pills and creams is that they restore powerful erections.

massage procedures

Jelqing or massaging the penis normalizes the blood flow. It tones the muscle tissue and prevents stagnation of blood. To enlarge the penis at home, you need to massage for at least six months.

Before the massage, you need to warm the penis, reaching an erection. Then they begin to massage gently. Painful sensations should not be allowed. There are a lot of jelking techniques, but all of them first after six monthswill not give results.


The extender helps to stretch the tissues of the penis slowly and gently. The stretched area is filled with new cells. The extender not only enlarges the penis, but also normalizes erectile function. At 3-4 weeksAfterwards, you can see the first positive results.

Extender - a device thanks to which you can enlarge your penis in a month

Possible side effects and complications

Any method of magnification can lead to side effects and complications, especially if a person watches videos from ordinary users and begins to demonstrate untested techniques.

Unpleasant reactions include allergy, infection, trauma, impotence, swelling, inflammation, tissue necrosis, complete loss of sensitivity, swelling. All this can be the result of improper magnification.


There are many ways to enlarge your penis. However, it is advisable to use them only after prior consultation with the doctor. A number of complications can occur as a result of incorrect enlargement.