How to enlarge penis effectively?

Penis size is one of the most "hot" male problems. It can be argued for a long time how much this organ size is associated with happiness, peace of mind, and self-confidence, but men who steer clear of this relationshipIn addition, in some cases, penis enlargement is actually a necessity.

In what cases is it advisable to enlarge the penis?

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Andrologists believe that the male genital organ is normal, with a length of at least nine and a half centimeters in the event of an erection. There are also cases of a man having a micropenis - a penis that is no more than two centimeters long.

However, in addition to the objective need for penis enlargement, there is also a subjective one, when a man is convinced that his penis is so small that it is an obstacle to his success with women and normal family life. Thinking can lead to self-doubt, feelings of inadequacy, shame, isolation, and even depression.

The feelings and emotions of such men are played up by many "traditional healers" and scammers who offer "miraculous" ways to enlarge the penis. These are various ointments, pills, oils, etc. At best, they are ineffective, At worst, they can cause malignant neoplasms or blood poisoning.

Therefore, deciding to enlarge the genital organ, contact only specialists with a medical education. At present, there are quite developed methods of penis enlargement.

What techniques are used to enlarge the penis?

  • surgical method. . . The operation is performed under general anesthesia. Its essence lies in the fact that there is a redistribution of the length of the different parts of the genital organ. In particular, the protruding part of the penis becomes larger and the perineal part becomes shorter. In this case, the total length of the penis remains the same as it was. This method is the fastest, but it is advisable to use it when the penis needs to be enlarged by several centimeters (usually no more than four). is required.
  • non-surgical method.This method enlarges the penis in both a relaxed and erect position. This technique allows for more effective results, albeit in a longer period. Wears - a device that is constantly stretching his penis. The device should be felt for at least six hours a day.
  • combined method. . . This is the most efficient technique. It is based on a proper combination of surgical and non-surgical methods. The patient undergoes surgery, after which he/she uses stretching equipment for a fixed period of time. This technique allows you to stretch the penis. Allows enlargement two or three times.

Is it possible to increase penis thickness?

In this case, the most effective operation. It lies in the fact that about two hundred milliliters of the patient's own adipose tissue, taken from his thigh, is pumped under the skin of the penis. As a result, the penis widths evenlywill increase in

If you have decided to enlarge your penis, choose a qualified healthcare professional. It should be noted that in good clinics you will undergo a preliminary consultation with a urologist who will warn you about the possible risks andWill help you choose the best method for you.